The path of software engineer


My background

Gediminas Morkevičius aka @l3pp4rd


About 10 year experience in software development

A little about my carrier


Author of some open source projects

Programming languages

  • PHP, Javascript - 5 years
  • C, C++ - 3 years
  • Java - 2 years
  • GO - 2 years

- Albert Einstein

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work...”
“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”

The following is true no matter how special you are..

confidence and competence chart

Do not overestimate yourself

Cat sees lion in the mirror

There are a lot of trending technologies, but they do not invent nothing new

stop chasing the trends and learn fundamentals

  1. HTTP protocol and server
  2. IO - request / response life cycle. How it works in the web browser.
  3. Procedural and functional programming
  4. MVC design pattern
  5. Linux and Unix
  6. Networking - TCP/IP, TLS

Take small incremental steps in everything you do.

don't end up consuming..

Prozac pills

Not all suggestions may apply to you.

Google search suggestions - kaip Google search suggestions - kodel jis Google search suggestions - kodel jis ma Google search suggestions - kodel jam Google search suggestions - kodel jai

Which programming language to learn

Which language to learn

The safe bet..

  1. PHP - still 90% of the web applications, easy to learn and start.
  2. Java - most enterprise applications. Better salaries, but may be boring.
  3. HTML,CSS,Javascript - web is all over the place this decade.

If you love what you do and work hard enough..

Most probably, you can run for your goals whatever they are.

90% of startups fail, be aware of that.

I have worked on two startups, both of them failed

failed startup

What traits I think are important?

  • Think outside the box.
  • Contribute to open source.
  • Work with smarter than you - people.
  • Follow smart people, not trendy rockstars.
  • Stream for the best quality.
  • Take risks, invest spare time.
  • Love what you do.

Accepting failures in life

The more mistakes you make the better you get.

Everything in life is just an experiment.

Failure - is a step towards success.

Thank you


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