Software engineer: from Zero to Hero


Who is this dude?

Gediminas Morkevičius aka @l3pp4rd

  • I code with - PHP, Go, JavaScript, C, Java
  • And I'm hardcore - ViM, Arch Linux, DWM user
  • An open source geek
  • I share my stuff at

A little about my carrier


So how did it all start?

The first job..

The first job

I worked hard to at least make something working..

And the second job..

The second job

But I was more confident in delivering something.. even if my code was looking like:

bad code

And the third job..

The third job

Same as trying to restore an abandoned city like Detroit..

Pointless, as you may have guessed.. so I started an open source project

Doctrine2 extensions repository

- Albert Einstein

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work...”
“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Soon after it started to be more popular..

I was invited to work at Knplabs in France, and it changed my experience a lot..


Before, I was using Eclipse IDE


After, I was working with ViM


How do I rate myself today with 10 years of experience?

The answer is: the same as before 9 years, but without EGO I had then.

The following is true no matter how special you are..

confidence and competence chart

What traits I think were the reason?

  • Thinking outside the box, innovating.
  • Open source activity.
  • Quality
  • Taking risks, investing free time.
  • Love to what I do.

Accepting failures in life

The more mistakes you make the better you get.

Everything is an experiment.

Failure - is a step towards success.

Thank you


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