My slide presentations


  1. Databases things you should know about databases

  2. GIT basics internal trainings in DATA-DOG

  3. TDD by example How and why I use TDD.

  4. From Zero to Hero Presentation for students of KTU.

  5. Kick-ass dev environment Every Hero needs an utility belt!

  6. Travelling Salesman routing, scheduling and optimization problems

  7. Things I fucked up screw ups I made during my career

  8. The path of software engineer slides for KTU university students

  9. Trending web technologies Or we can cut it down to Angular and React

  10. Doctrine behavioral extensions How to increase productivity with doctrine extensions if you use Doctrine2 ORM.

  11. Being dangerous with git How and why you need to learn rebase.


  1. Intro to golang performance Going through some examples of web server implementations and analyzing performance.

  2. Acceptance and integration testing with GO Introduction to godog BDD framework for go

  3. You do not need a framework How to build applications without needing a framework.

  4. Why we use GO Some reasons why we chosen Golang as a secondary language at DATA-DOG.